Ezekiel Igho Resedenz


Hi, I'm a visual designer.
I love to create simple but functional solutions in any design project I engage in.

Currently, I work on my own clients, helping their brands with design needs that are critical to their company goals. I also help new ventures bring their products to life in terms of visualisation and product experience.

Prior to this, I led a creative team for over 4 years as a Team Lead in a leading advertising agency in Nigeria , and our main goal as a team is to ensure that our KPI, which include billing, job ownership, proactive drive, client satisfaction, team spirit and bonding are met.

I have the ability to quickly conceive ideas, convey them through hand sketches and later refine them with the use of design software such as Figma, Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, Xd to bring them to life.

I have deployed over 8 years of my creative career in brand building by developing and implementing marketing campaigns, product designs and branding across different industries such as FMCG, Food and Beverage, Telecommunication, and Financials.

Few works so far

Noah's Ark Project Management System (Proactive)

An ad agency with over 70 employees seems to lack a central project management system that allows for simple and easy access to information stored. Accessing and processing data within an organization should be simple and seamless.

In order to mitigate the problem of poor project management system, having worked with the agency for over 6 years with a full understanding of the operations, I developed an idea for a customized project management system for ad agencies with its user flow centered on three major components: HR/admin, Traffic, and Creatives.

The goal is to make it work for the agency, and later be monitized. And on request, can be customized for different agencies' need in terms of branding and operations.

My Role
UI design, user journey mapping, research, wireframe, high fidelity mockup and prototyping.

A simple sign in page with brand elements to showcase ownership.

From the POV of operations/traffic manager – they are able to manage the entire creative work flow by assigning tasks, creating deadlines, scheduling  meetings, and more.

Traffic manager also has the privilege of seeing creative’s workload, work progress, and even their performance. Traffic manager is also able to make comments on tasks requiring some information or need urgent attention. 

On the creative’s dashboard, he is able to see tasks assigned to him with all the details. He also has the privelege of setiing goals for himself based on management’s goal setting patterns. He see his own performances, he see comments from traffic manager and can respond as they come. 

Some key features in the system include: reassigning an existing task to another employee, deadline extension, different task with colour code based on brand’s colour, conduct quick search, and more.

Tribe Naija, a community that encourages free speech and open interaction

Create a mobile application for Nigerian youths to interact freely without barriers to freedom of speech, as permitted by the administration, on trending and social issues.

In spite of the energy and vibrance of the Nigerian youth, there seems to be some docility in how this energy is being tapped in unison. For most of them, the environment is at odds with their desires. It is against this backdrop that we see the need to build a community that would rekindle passion, inspire, empower and ultimately help achieve a unity of purpose amongst the youth with the Tribe Naija initiative.

My Role
UI/UX design, mapping user journey, research, wireframe, high fidelity mockup, iconography, overall visual design including logo, branding and launch campaign creative execution.

(Tribenaija is available on google play and apple app stores)

Easy Signup
To ease the onboarding proccess, we wanted users to sign up on the app with just their phone numbers and receive a one-time-pass activation code. This would allow the app to recieve as many signups as possible within a short period of time.

User profile
Allows user to edit account, refere a new user and redeem gifts, see notifications, see and start a discussion, view posts and feeds.

Discussions are introduced via various predefined topics, so that the community affair in terms of conversation is better managed. There is also room for comments and votes. 

Gofeexit Car Mate

Design a tool that gives car owners firsthand information on their car issues even before they call on a mechanic. The challenge is that a lot car owners in Africa have been victims of bad services rendered by some auto mechanics and as a result has reduced the trust car owners have.

My Role
UI design, user journey mapping, research, wireframe, high fidelity mockup and prototyping.

Integrated Dashboard
Designed to give car owners a few realtime details of their car performance, settings and state of engine functions.

With a simple menu, a user has access to all functionalities contained in the app. This makes it easier for user to navigate.

After selecting your vehicle model and year, the app will display the exact car model to give the user a sense trust in the app. The app displays the vehicle on a very clean background.

Progress Indicator
Progress indicators are a huge experience in apps. They help users have an idea how much longer they need to wait for the to be complete.

In-app Purchase
Users can make purchases right through the app. Integrated in the a payment gateway that allow user make payments.