Ezekiel Igho Resedenz


A community that encourages free speech and open interaction amongst its users both young and old


In spite of the energy and vibrance of the Nigerian youth, there seems to be some docility in how this energy is being tapped in unison. For most of them, the environment is at odds with their desires. It is against this backdrop that we see the need to build a community that would rekindle passion, inspire, empower and ultimately help achieve a unity of purpose amongst the youth with the Tribe Naija initiative.


Nonprofit, Entertainment, Youth, Culture, Politics

Project Timing

7 Weeks

My Role

Create sketches, plot user journey, develop wireframes, design UI, buil mockups, and produce prototype.

Additional Roles

Brand identity which include logo design, merch design, web design, and communication materials for the launch (print & OOH)

Researching Target Audience

Their Biases

In the research stage, we dove deep into the lives of our target audiences. We realized that they:
- They go against the orthodox order of things
- They nurse a subtle generational conflict
- They have alternate world views with respect to politics, education, career.

Tension in Context

State - The world we live in does not feel right enough (outdated)
Tension - But we often feel powerless in fully creating the world we want
Desire - We wish we could mould our world in new ways

sign up
Sign Up

To get people to come onboard, we thought it would be easier to sign up on the app using the old route which is signing up with just phone number that will then allow them to automatically receive OTP or verification code as SMS on their phones. And after the entering the 6-digit OTP, users are taken to their home page. 

Some other reasons for this is that a lot of Nigerians would easily remember their phone numbers than email address. And secondly, collecting phone numbers can be a great way to reach these users in the future marketing needs or to drive information.

Discussion Section

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